Day 4, continued.


More mosquito and insect bites. My biggest fear is that without nicotine coursing through my veins my blood is now delicious.


One thought on “Day 4, continued.

  1. Will be with you on February 6. I decided I should quit this year for good you know, and not for a girl but for me or some shit… so I did the Al thing and downloaded an app, and this one from the quit Victoria or whoever has an option to put in your quit date. . So I figured id give myself 6 months but the bastard won’t let you set it more than a month in the future, so February 6 it is.

    I will be documenting it too, but over on my gross weight loss and fitness tumblr that is basically a chance to post photos of my slowly shrinking hairy naked self. You can thank me all for not sharing that link. Until march 2014 where if I stick to my Apparently Reasonable Goal, I will have lost 40kgs. Lets see.

    Good luck hadz!

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