Day 5

When I woke up this morning I forgot that I had quit smoking, because it feels like someone parked a truck full of angry circus gorillas in my lungs. They’re angry because their trainer got drunk last night and left … Continue reading


The Underbelly series is all well and good, but seriously, their new Australian period crime drama ‘Squizzy’ looks like Boardwalk Empire filtered through a mobile phone stand that was evicted from Belconnen Mall for being too tacky.

Day 4

Second night of bad sleep in a row. Yesterday I woke up with some sort of weird cold/allergy thing. The night before had very vivid dreams, all about cigarettes, and woke up a lot, also thinking about cigarettes. I’m actually … Continue reading

Death in the Fog


“Spade’s thick fingers made a cigarette with deliberate care, sifting a measured quantity of tan flakes down into curved paper, spreading the flakes so that they lay equal at the ends with a slight depression in the middle, thumbs rolling the paper’s inner edge down and up under the outer edges as forefingers pressed it over, thumbs and fingers sliding to the paper cylinder’s ends to hold it even while tongue licked the flap, left forefinger and thumb pinching their end while right forefinger and thumb smoothed the damp seam, right forefinger and thumb twisting their end and lifting the other to Spade’s mouth.”

— Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon